Announcement:Thanks for the support over the past year. Athena Explorer has been officially rebranded to Arock Explorer and will be maintained by the Singapore Arock team. In the future, Arock Explorer will continue to provide a complete, real-time, and accurate filecoin on-chain data query service, visual data analysis, and several industry-exclusive data template and node management features.
Excavation time
Full storage power
Input costs
*Intelligent analysis based on economic model
1. Factors such as changes in the entire network's computing power, output, Consumption fees, and tokens will affect the calculation.
2. The output is directly calculated based on the full storage computing power without storage.
3. The result is a theoretical output, which may deviate from the actual output and is for reference only.
4.Data updates per 30min.


Excavation time:2023-09-29

Full storage power: TiB

Input costs: CNY

More File-network data

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An exclusive function based on technical algorithms and driven by data, exists to fill gaps in the industry, and to provide industry participants with in-depth industry analysis, Storage Provider analysis, output calculation, information in front fields and operator selecting services.
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