Announcement:Thanks for the support over the past year. Athena Explorer has been officially rebranded to Arock Explorer and will be maintained by the Singapore Arock team. In the future, Arock Explorer will continue to provide a complete, real-time, and accurate filecoin on-chain data query service, visual data analysis, and several industry-exclusive data template and node management features.
Storage block reward index
  • 127
    New wallet addresses
  • 1,666,280,422 USDT
    Storage block reward circulation market value
  • 18.07 EiB
    Adj. Power
  • undefined F/TiB
    Storage cost
  • 0
    Google index
  • 1,591,003
    Store order volume
  • 36.37 PiB
    Stored data size
Index details
*Storage block reward index description:
1. The Storage block reward index is generated based on a comprehensive evaluation of the values ​​of market enthusiasm, packaging heat, ecological heat and other dimensions, and aims to reflect the current trend of industry heat.
2. The initial Storage block reward index points are 1000. It refers to the data value of each indicator on the day when the main net is launched, and compares with the subsequent daily running value. Combining the weight coefficient of each indicator with the proportion of each dimension value, the Storage block reward index of the day is generated through comprehensive calculation.
3. The numerical proportions, weight coefficients, and reference date data of various indicators will be adjusted from time to time according to the actual situation and users’ feedback.
An exclusive function based on technical algorithms and driven by data, exists to fill gaps in the industry, and to provide industry participants with in-depth industry analysis, Storage Provider analysis, output calculation, information in front fields and operator selecting services.
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